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Safety Instructions


Babybounce/ Bouncinette is designed to cradle your baby with soothing rocking motion. Its pure cotton crochet cover stands up to hard use and can be washed and replaced back on frame for quick drying.

The vertical height of the frame from floor to top of the bouncer should be no more than 35cm (14 inches). Pressure may be applied to the frame to adjust the height downwards should it be necessary. 

Easing baby into the bouncer is simple when you place your foot securely on the base frame while sliding baby in gently.

To remove cover, simply compress the frame inwards at the base of the hoop and slide the cover up. When replacing cover compress frame in again and slide the cover on, making sure that the hem strap of the cover is locked in place with the washers on each side. 

Baby should not be left unattended as it is likely that baby in its enjoyment in the bouncer will be able to move about smooth surfaces.


IMPORTANT: Babybounce is not suitable if baby is attempting to roll or sit.

Special Safety Benefits

AIR CIRCULATION: The open weave cotton mesh allows maximum air circulation around baby. No harsh man made materials 
NO BUCKLES  or straps to accidentally come undone 
NO TIPPING:  The low center of gravity of the bouncinette makes it extremely stable

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Babybounce Bouncinettes have been a
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